Cloud Billing

Metering and billing for all IT services with our real time PXC billing offers models that align with business objectives, providing detailed accounting requirements for business units in global organisations as well as lower initial investments for startup companies and small businesses.

For example the large initial investment and procurement of software with SaaS is shifting to fit what is actually used and enabling new projects to leverage enterprise-class software for which a budget may have not been previously available, by consolidating all connectivity with PXC, your guaranteed 5 things 1. Speed 2. Scalability 3. Billing 4. Standard API 5. Security.

In addition, scalability for larger volumes of transaction load is no longer an issue for enterprises.

Similarly, the shift from capital expenditure to operational expenditure enables more precise billing and metering models that meet accounting requirements based on all usage. For example, all areas of business are able to add new users based on advertised offers and actual usage without increasing the complexity and cost of procuring new hardware, software, and administrative resources,  no matter which provide you use today or tomorrow.