Limitations We Overcome

Advantages Using Peering Exchange:

All cloud providers have their limitations and they are a challenge when dealing directly. When it comes to multiple cloud providers, the architecture can get very challenging and at times will pose lock-in problems around data and governance.  With our peering exchange capacity and our API, we can work closely to help our customers overcome any issues around service lock-in and bringing control back to your data.

  • Each PXCGhost Direct Link connection requires a unique order. If you require multiple connections, open a Cloud Direct Link order for each connection.
  • PXC Ghost Direct Link can remove any BGP limitations to establish the routes to a customer’s remote network.
  • Each PXC Ghost Direct Link service is redundant, we build this into your quotation when requested.
  • We can remove TCP clamping issues through our dynamic aggregated services
  • If you want to connect to the classic infrastructure, we can organise the IP subnet overlaps that might exist.
  • PXCGhost enables all cloud services network to be accessible directly from your remote networks.
  • PXCGhost allows customers the ability to backhaul traffic between their remote sites between Cloud provider backbone.
  • Use  Direct Link to let your remote networks communicate privately with your  Cloud infrastructure.
  • PXCGhost network will handle your VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) instance requirements, relieving your architecture and design headaches.
  • VRF is fully compatible with our Cloud SSL translation and IPsec services, we do not depend on VPN tech.
  • Changes to the  PXCGhost Cloud Direct Link services can be scheduled when a provider has a set window, leaving you free to focus on more pressing things and reduce overtime.
  • The Direct Link Dedicated covers the cost of port termination on the PXCGhost infrastructure. We can combine one-stop pricing for our customers for any fees that are associated with reaching our PoP’s from a remote network and any cross-connects needed within the PoP facility. PXCGhost will order a cross-connect on a customer’s behalf when approved through our LOA or order process.
  • PXCGhost can assist with colocating customer equipment to enhance security within our network PoPs. PXCGhost will work with you to determine whether you need to co-locate any equipment in the facility where the PXCGhost network PoP exists.
  • PXCGhost solves issues with Jumbo frame sizes, path MTU Discovery, TCP MSS Clamping, we do this through our planning and aggregated services.