Making Cloud Yours

1. There must be a converged infrastructure.

2. There has to be fully automated orchestration of both system management and software distribution across the converged infrastructure.

Automation is crucial, timings are based on what you need as an organisation, not being fixated on go-faster.  Most cloud providers are fixated on the speed of offers they forget to bill it correctly.

3. There must be a self-service catalogue of standard computing offerings available to users across the company.

True, an off the shelf system will be costly, a standard API will allow you to stay in control, we provide you all the tools to automate from your own in-house interface, Multi-cloud becomes part of your dev cycle, you own it.

4. There has to be accountability by way of some sort of charge-back, track-back or show-back mechanism that keeps track of which users are employing which resources and for just how long.

This is becoming more critical as services and choice become more open. Our billing system has already found issues with all cloud providers, imagine how much of a nightmare that would be when you start integrating with multiple providers, their invoicing systems and order systems are not billing you accurately nor is there enough detail in the trail to figure out the order placed against the order recorded.

We don’t trust cloud providers with billing, we record everything on the sales lifecycle and automate all the chargebacks, credits for any inaccurate billing, we come from a wholesale background, we know billing and its nuances, we record every order sent against every order invoiced, any discrepancies are automatically queried.